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The governing bodies of W.E.B

Management Board

W.E.B flourishes under the dual leadership of Dr. Frank Dumeier and DI Dr. Michael Trcka. The leadership duo complement each other’s strengths and qualities perfectly, combining comprehensive technical expertise with analytical economic skills. This combination guarantees collaborative, well-founded and hands-on decision-making, aimed at consistently satisfying the increasing requirements of the tremendously dynamic energy market.

Supervisory Board

The central role of the W.E.B Supervisory Board is to monitor the managing directors of the stock corporation. The Supervisory Board is kept informed of the company’s activities at regular meetings. The Management Board must obtain the agreement of the Supervisory Board for important decisions. Members of the Supervisory Board are elected at the shareholders’ Annual General Meeting.

Annual General Meetings

At the Annual General Meeting, the shareholders, the Supervisory Board and the Management Board lay the groundwork for the future development of W.E.B.