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There can be no energy transition without sites for wind or solar power installations. That’s why W.E.B is constantly seeking partners who can provide new sites for our facilities. W.E.B is constantly seeking to create added value for partners. Strong partnerships are based on long-term collaboration.

From idea to finished power plant

Communities and property owners benefit from a broad range of expertise at W.E.B. Our project development encompasses the entire spectrum from planning and approvals to construction and operation. All under the one roof. W.E.B personnel have constantly worked to develop this knowledge and expertise over many years.

Our offer for communities and landowners

  • All under the one roof

    W.E.B is your experienced partner through the entire project process

  • Emerging regions

    Our sites create jobs in the region and prevent the need for emigration

  • Strong partners in the community

    W.E.B promotes the development of communities and associations within the region

  • A focus on the environment

    W.E.B creates compensation areas to ensure the flora and fauna of the region are preserved

Successfull location communities

Matzen-Klein Harras

W.E.B and Matzen have a long history together. W.E.B has been generating clean energy from wind in the municipality of Matzen-Raggendorf for over 20 years. Since 2022, wind turbines from a total of three wind farms have been turning in the municipality in the Gänserndorf district of Lower Austria. In 2021, the construction work for the latest wind farm in Matzen-Klein Harras unearthed something historic: a so-called deserted site, i.e. an abandoned settlement. This find was of course processed with archaeological care.


Since 2005, W.E.B has been working with the community of Spannberg to provide clean, local energy. Over the years, a strong partnership has developed between the community and W.E.B, from which future generations will continue to benefit. This goes far beyond energy generation: In 2022, 40 fruit trees were planted in the immediate vicinity of the wind turbines, which are available to all residents of Spannberg.


The Auersthal wind farm comprises ten wind turbines that have been generating sustainable green electricity since 2006. The good relationship between the municipality and W.E.B was demonstrated in 2016, when a large celebration was held together with the people of Auersthal to mark the tenth anniversary of the wind farm.


In 1997, the Grafenschlag wind farm went into operation as one of the first W.E.B projects ever. The municipality has been a W.E.B partner from the very beginning. In order to make the Waldviertel livable for future generations, four new wind turbines were put into operation on the municipality's territory in 2021. The close connection to the region showed also in autumn 2021: Around 1,000 people followed our invitation to the wind farm hike to catch a glimpse of the wind turbines under construction at the time.

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