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The W.E.B Management Board

Dr. Frank Dumeier, CEO

Company CEO Frank Dumeier was born in Kassel in 1962, and joined the company in 2010. His practicality and eye for feasibility were developed early on in his training as a toolmaker. He also completed studies in mechanical engineering, graduating with a Master’s degree from Kassel and a doctorate from Dresden in this subject. His professional career is distinguished by many years of international leadership roles in Germany, the US, Mexico and Japan. His fields included project management, production and sales. His operational management experience as co-owner of a wind power installation ensured he was superbly prepared for the move to W.E.B.

At W.E.B, Frank Dumeier is responsible for Development HQ & Sales incl. Energy Data Management & Innovation, International Project Support, Project Development, Sales; Group Operations incl. Engineering & Service, Monitoring Center, Operational Management; Portfolio & Program Management; Procurement & Logistics. His term of office runs from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2025.

Frank Dumeier is married and has two adult children. His hobbies include skiing and flying, while he has a passion for the energy transition and for golf. He lives in Breiteneich, near Horn.

His motto: “Do it right, or leave it.” “I am delighted to be able to make a contribution to decentralising the energy transition. For W.E.B., this means that our power plants need to run with the reliable precision of Swiss clockwork, so we can make the enormous growth potential of the energy transition as profitable for WEB as possible.”

DI Dr. Michael Trcka, CFO

Chief financial officer Michael Trcka has been working for W.E.B. since 2009. From the earliest stages of his education, he has focused on the integration of economics with technology and natural sciences, beginning with a business economics degree at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences (WU Wien) and continuing with a course of studies in technical physics at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). His career includes research and teaching activities at WU Wien and DePaul University in Chicago, as well as management roles in VERBUND (Österreichischen ElektrizitĂ€tswirtschafts AG) and Contrast Management Consulting GmbH.

At W.E.B, Michael Trcka is responsible for Accounting; Communications & Investor Relations; Controlling; Group Tax Management; Human Resources & Organization; IT; Legal; M&A and Group Financing; Power Markets. His term of office ends on 30 April 2024.

Michael Trcka is married with two children.

His belief: “WEB Windenergie AG’s financial policy aims to ensure stability and security for the business as it is, on the basis of which we will be able to responsibly and sustainably continue to grow our company.”