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W.E.B power plants

W.E.B.’s power plants are making an active contribution to the clean energy transition. We are currently operating 260 wind farms, 36 solar farms and three hydropower stations at 126 locations. These are located across Austria, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Canada and the United States.

These power plants have a total capacity of 574 megawatts. They are currently generating 1,480,810 megawatt hours of renewable energy, or sufficient green energy for 423,089 households, representing a saving of 438,320 tonnes of CO2.

Wind power plant
Water power plant

Czech Republic


Power plant Bantice / South-Moravian region

General Information
Number of plants 1 (Vestas V 90)
Rotor Diameter 90 m
Installed nominal power 2,00 MW
Household equivalent > 1.200 Households
CO2 saving > 1.243 t

Power plant Brezany / Pilsen Region

General Information
Number of plants 5 (Vestas V 52)
Rotor Diameter 52 m
Installed nominal power 4,25 MW
Household equivalent > 1.514 Households
CO2 saving > 1.568 t

Power plant Dobsice / South-Moravian region

General Information
Number of plants 1
Number of Modules 4900 Modules
Installed nominal power 1,03 MW
Household equivalent > 309 Households
CO2 saving > 320 t

Power plant Horni Rasnice / Liberec Region

General Information
Number of plants 1 (Vestas V 100)
Rotor Diameter 100 m
Installed nominal power 1,80 MW
Household equivalent > 1.296 Households
CO2 saving > 1.342 t

The CO2 calculation is based on the CO2 savings of 296g/kWh according to the ENZO E-Mix.
The basis of the household equivalent calculation is the average annual consumption of 3500 kWh/year.