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Wind energy from W.E.B now also in the USA

12/2016 - Back to overview

W.E.B is now producing clean energy in seven countries

WEB Windenergie AG will keep the night between 7 and 8 December in good memory: Pisgah Mountain was connected to the grid as the first U.S. wind farm in W.E.B history. The wind farm is located in the state of Maine, which in North American terms is not that far away from our Canadian W.E.B sites in Nova Scotia.

The W.E.B team began construction work on the wind farm with its five Vestas V90 wind power plants in December 2015. Now about a year after the ground-breaking ceremony, the wind farm with a total capacity of 9.075 MW finally provides clean, regional electricity.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Pisgah Mountain was also the first site that was independently set up by the W.E.B team without the help of Vestas. Both the delivery of the plants and their completion on site were exclusively managed by W.E.B.

The successfully completed market entry in the seventh W.E.B. country of operation is a significant step towards the decentralized energy transition. Needless to say, the W.E.B team continues to pursue this goal with a lot of drive and motivation.