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W.E.B’s Largest and Most Powerful Rooftop Photovoltaic Plant is Now in Operation

07/2024 - Back to overview

WEB Windenergie AG is pleased to announce the coming on stream of its biggest and most powerful rooftop photovoltaic facility to date. W.E.B had been constructing a PV plant with a capacity of 2.47 MWp in Ternitz in the district of Neunkirchen since July 2023, spanning a total area of about 18,000 m². The plant was successful put into operation in June 2024 and will produce up to 2.46 GWh of green solar power. The special feature of this project is that about 6,000 modules were installed on the six roofs of the company Kirnbauer KG. The lumber company itself will directly consume approx. 70% of the generated electricity.

The Ternitz VI-XI photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 2.47 MWp is spread across six roofs belong to Kirnbauer. Some 6,000 modules were installed on a total roof area of 18,000 m². This corresponds to about two and a half football fields, which will produce green electricity in the future.

A major step towards energy autonomy  

“Photovoltaic projects such as this one show us how important it is to generate clean electricity precisely where it is needed,“ states Roman Prager, Member of the Management Board of W.E.B. “Thanks to our collaboration with Kirnbauer, we have created a local solution in which everyone benefits, above all our climate.“

The facility will supply about 2.46 GWh of green electricity annually. This is sufficient to provide electricity to about 700 households. In this case, most of the electricity will be derived directly from Kirnbauer.

The cooperation with the lumber company is based on a so-called power purchase agreement, in short PPA. “On the one hand, this long-term contract enables us to ensure a reliable energy supply. On the one hand, it serves as the basis for sustainable business operations. We are particularly gratified to see that this collaboration is so successful,” Roman Prager adds.  

Small area, high performance

This new project produces more green electricity than any other W.E.B rooftop plant, but on a comparatively small area. This ensures a secure local energy supply and demonstrates how impactful renewable energy is. The power of the sun by itself is sufficient to generate electricity when and where it can actually be used. Accordingly, this project is not only an important example of how renewable energy can function effectively but also serves as a role model for other rooftops which can potentially be leveraged for photovoltaics.