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W.E.B production results February 2022

03/2022 - Back to overview

Storm fronts one after the other:
monthly production above target

The overall monthly production of 175,411 MWh remained clearly above the defined target.

After several months of waiting, last February finally brought along a continuous weather system with one storm front over Europe after the other. Especially in northern Germany, the storms even reached hurricane levels. The series of storm fronts was an excellent booster to our wind power production. Austria, Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Canada exceeded their production targets by far. Only Italy and the United States did not see enough wind to generate positive results.

Most of Europe enjoyed more sunlight than average for February, which is why Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy performed much better than expected in the photovoltaic power segment. Unfortunately the larger PV systems in the United States could not keep up with expectations, resulting in the entire segment to conclude the month on the negative side.

In the hydroelectric power segment, Austria remained below and Germany above target.

Overview based on technology:

Wind power:

  • Total production: +34.6%
  • Wind power plant with best relative results: Michelbach +113.7%
  • Wind power plant with the strongest total production: W√∂rbzig RI 1,758 MWh

Solar power:

  • Total production: ‚Äď10.2%
  • Best relative plant results: DobŇ°ice +54.1%

Hydroelectric power:

  • Total production: +32.6%


Production to date:

  • W.E.B production results in February: 175,411 MWh
  • Percentage of annual projections: 22.49%