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W.E.B Production Results October 2023

11/2023 - Back to overview

The overall monthly production of 126,431 MWh was above the stipulated target in the month of October 2023.

October was the second warmest month in a row since the beginning of the 257 years of weather data recording – a new phenomenon. 2023 will probably even be the warmest year in over 125,000 years. Unfortunately, these records are becoming more frequent. With respect to wind conditions, October turned out to be positive. Finally, the Atlantic low-pressure systems succeeded
in getting as far as Europe. For this reason, power production was above the defined target in Austria, Germany, France, Italy and
Czechia. In contrast, the targeted production in Canada and the USA was out of reach.

The record number of sunny days in October led to positive power generation figures for photovoltaic plants in Austria, Czechia and Germany. However, as a result of partial downtimes in Italy and the smoke from blazing forest fires in the USA, production in these two countries was below target.

In the hydroelectric power segment, Germany remained above and Austria below target. 

Overview based on technology

Wind power

  • Total production: +2.6%
  • Wind power plant with the best relative resutts: Pottenbrunn II +65.0%
  • Wind power plant with the highest total production: Dürnkrut III 1,469 MWh

Solar energy

  • Total production: -7.7%
  • Best relative power plant results: Litschau +36.3%

Hydroelectric power

  • Total production: -10.4%

Production to date
W.E.B production results in October 2023: 126,431 MWh
Percentage of annual projections: 73.35%