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W.E.B production results May 2018

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Moderate wind conditions – productions results clearly below target

The overall production of 57,123 MWh remained significantly lower than the projected target for the month of May. 

While the constant influence of high-pressure conditions across Europe broke all temperature records in Germany, the month of May 2018 will go down in history as one of the hottest ones ever recorded in Austria. The weather had been stable for weeks and prevented the development of more favorable wind conditions. In some regions, local thunderstorms did not move on and caused both floods and heavy rainfall. Our European production countries – Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, and France – did not reach their projected production levels in May. Canada and the United States were more successful and performed much better than expected.        

Once again Central Europe had considerably more hours of sunlight than the climatological average. In the photovoltaic power segment, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Italy remained above target.            

The hydroelectric power segment in Austria and Germany also generated more electricity than projected for the month of May. 


Overview based on technology:

Wind power:

  • Total production: -29.7%
  • Wind power plant with best relative results: Isle Madame +34.2%
  • Wind power plant with the strongest total production: Parker Mountain 665 MWh

Solar power:

  • Total production: +25.2%
  • Best relative plant results: PV Sigleß +26.3%

Hydroelectric power:

  • Total production: +7.3%


Production to date:

  • W.E.B production results in May: 57,123 MWh
  • Percentage of annual projections: 41.79%