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W.E.B production results January 2023

02/2023 - Back to overview

Monthly production below target after a mild and cloudy January

The overall monthly production of 156,855 MWh remained below the defined target.

January 2023 began extremely mild. On New Year’s Day, several weather stations had already recorded record temperatures. It took until mid-month for temperatures to return to classic winter values. The influence of high pressure in early January prevented positive production results in Austria and Germany. While Czechia and Italy barely reached their targets, France performed better than expected. In North America, the month of January was characterized by extreme weather phenomena, such as snow storms and freezing rain, which caused Canada and the United States to miss their production targets by a significant margin.   

In the photovoltaic power segment, Austria, Germany, Italy, Czechia, and the United States could not keep up with expectations. These deficits are the result of particularly cloudy weather conditions in January on the one hand and partly snow-covered modules on the other.

In the hydroelectric power segment, Austria remained below and Germany above target.


Overview based on technology

Wind power

  • Total production: –7.2%
  • Wind power plant with best relative results: Les Gourlus +40.7%
  • Wind power plant with the strongest total production: Matzen Klein-Harras II 1,691 MWh

Solar power

  • Total production: –30.8%
  • Best relative plant results: Conza +44.3%

Hydroelectric power:

  • Total production: +10.3%

Production to date

W.E.B production results in January: 156,855 MWh

Percentage of annual projections: 10.07%