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W.E.B. Production Results February 2014

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Mild February slightly below target  

Despite extremely different regional wind conditions in February 2014, W.E.B was able to generate 63,363 MWh and almost reached its target production result. For the first time in company history, our Canadian plants in Nova Scotia were included. In the course of the month, three turbines were put into operation.    
Similar to the previous month, the first half of February was shaped by production levels above target. In the second half, however, the weather was less favorable and the head start shrank. The unusually mild temperatures did not pose any interference with plant operations due to snowfall or ice formation. 
As wind conditions were extremely different from one country to the next, the results were the same: as the weather in Western Europe was heavily influenced by Atlantic storms, France experienced record production results (+87.9%) and celebrated its best monthly result of 8,343 MWH since the foundation of the French subsidiary. Production results are also positive for Italy (+6.6%) but much weaker for Germany (-2.1%), the Czech Republic (-4.9%) and Austria (-12.7%).

At Matzen-Klein Harras, the new turbines produced more power than expected. Neuhof III and Canada, however, were still in the startup process and not able to have all their machines in operation for the entire month. In consequence, their production was weaker. At the end of the month, the wind power division was not able to fulfill its target and came short by -4.1%. While photovoltaics division enjoyed lots of sunlight in Italy, both Austria and the Czech Republic were usually covered by clouds and foggy weather, resulting in production results of -4.3%. Similarly, hydroelectric power generation remained below target by -1.9% but W.E.B participations were able to achieve good results of +5.8%.   


Overview based on technology: 
Wind power:

  • Production below expectations: -4.1% 
  • Best relative wind park result: Plaine de l´Arotis +92.5% 
  • Strong wind in the west, weak wind in eastern Germany and the Burgenland region 

Solar power: 

  • Solar power production below target: -4.3% 
  • Best relative solar power plant result: Montenero II +10.3%  

Hydroelectric power: 

  • Hydroelectric power production slightly below target: -1.9% 
  • Best relative production at Imst Upper Power Plant Level: +4.5%  


Production to date: 

  • W.E.B. production results in February: 63,363 MWh* 
  • Accumulated result in the course of the year: 124,385 MWh*  
  • Percentage forecast of the annual production: 18.6%*  

* Participations included in all values.