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W.E.B production results April 2015

05/2015 - Back to overview

High-energy spring! April achieved a record-breaking production of 68 452 MWh renewable electricity and exceeded the production target by 26.4%! After a successful first quarter, the projected results have almost doubled. This success was made possible by a stable power plant production of wind, water and solar exceeding expectations. 

The wind power production in April was that of a stormy winter month, helping to achieve the important successes of April. Especially the beginning of the month, which was influenced by hurricane "Nicholas" and the rest of the month the wind speeds were above expectations. The best results were achieved by the wind turbines in Austria (+ 37.9%), good yields were also in the Czech Republic (+ 29.0%), Germany (+ 20.0%) and Canada (+ 8.1%), only France (-3.9%) remained slightly below plan.

Also a steady operation of the turbine contributed to the success. The total of W.E.B.’s Wind turbines in April produced 14,158 MWh more green electricity than planned!

The past month was not just stormy but also unusually sunny, In Germany it was the forth sunniest April since 1951. For WEB’s PV sector this means a rich sun harvest and therefore exceeded planed production 15.5%!
The production of our two hydropower plants in Eberbach and Imst was very pleasing, despite the overall rainfall being below average, the electricity production ran stronger than planned. 

Technologies in overview:

Wind power:

  • Production is well above target: + 26.8%
  • Power plant with the best relative performance: Maustrenk II + 61.7%
  • Power plant with the highest output in absolute terms: Neuhof III: 893 MWh

Solar power:

  • Production well above expectations: + 15.5%
  • Power plant with the best output in relative terms: Weikendorf + 22.5%


  • Production on schedule: + 10.3%

Production history to date:

  • Production result of WEB in April 2015: 68,452 MWh *
  • Annual accumulated results: 291 029 MWh *
  • Percent of the annual forecast: 41.01% *

* All values including investments.