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W.E.B Product Results for January 2024

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W.E.B Product Results for January 2024

Stormy – Monthly production above target

Total monthly power generation in January 2024 equaled 173,536 MWh, above the targeted level.

This past January but was not only the strongest month for producing wind power in the history of W.E.B, but also broke Austrian records. Total wind power generation in Austria accounted for 20.7% of domestic electricity consumption. The underlying reason for the stormy weather was the jet stream, amongst other factors, which passed directly over Central Europe on many days. In addition, rotor blade icing was limited, enabling the optimal the wind power plants to optimally harvest wind energy. The W.E.B facilities in Austria, Germany, France and Czechia achieved clearly positive production results in January 2024. There was less momentum in the air masses over Italy, Canada and the USA, where production results were below expectations.

The sunny January led to positive production results in the photovoltaic power segment in Austria, Czechia and Italy. In contrast, Germany and the USA could meet the defined production targets.  

The hydroelectric power segment in Austria performed significantly better than planned.  

Overview based on technology

Wind power

  • Total production: +8.8%
  • Wind power plant with the best relative results: Michelbach +54.0%
  • Wind power plant with the strongest total production: Matzen Klein Harras II 2,006 MWh

Solar power

  • Total production: –15.3%
  • Best relative plant results: Laa XIII +135.0%

Hydroelectric power:

  • Total production: +76.7%

Production to date

W.E.B production results in January 2024: 173,536 MWh

This report refers to the existing W.E.B power plants which it operates.