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Three new PV projects in operation

01/2023 - Back to overview

After waiting a long time, everything finally fell into place in late 2022. Just before Christmas, the three photovoltaic projects in Pfaffenschlag, Laa an der Thaya and Ternitz with a total capacity of 2,697 kW were connected to the power grid.

Schoeller Bleckmann Oilfield Technologies equipped with solar power

Started in late summer 2022, our W.E.B employees showed great commitment and completed their work on the premises of Schoeller Bleckmann Oilfield Technologies (SBO) in Ternitz just before Christmas – one of the two plants had already been put into operation in October; the second one was finished in December. The ground-mounted PV systems with an installed capacity of 1,421 kW will generate about 1,400 MWh of regional solar power. The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between W.E.B and SBO was concluded for a period of 25 years – 100% of the solar power will go to SBO, which is why the project was realized without any public funding. 

Photovoltaic system successfully expanded

After setting up the PV systems XI to XIII on the premises of the Brantner company in Laa an der Thaya in recent months, they were finally put into operation before Christmas. Plant XI is Brantner’s second ground-mounted PV system with a capacity of 495 kW. As the company still had free rooftop areas, W.E.B mounted additional PV modules on the roof. This last expansion step added 465 kW of capacity to the rooftop PV systems.       
Putting them into operation was quite intense, though: due to the work overload of professionals in the PV and construction sector, the project team decided to implement the project themselves. In order to connect the project to the power grid, for example, the team had to single-handedly dig up and later cover about 300 m3 of soil.
After completion of this project, W.E.B now operates 13 PV systems with a total capacity of 3,770 kW on the premises of Brantner – what a strong partnership!

Turkey barn with PV modules

More great news arrived from around the corner of our W.E.B headquarters: the PV system on the roof of the Hetzendorfer turkey barn in Pfaffenschlag is in operation. The modules boast a total capacity of 316 kW and have been generating clean power since December 14.