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Sigle├č-P├Âttelsdorf Repowering Project Commences Operations

06/2024 - Back to overview

The next W.E.B wind farm is being put into operation. The new Sigless-P├Âttelsdorf wind farm represents the repowering of an existing facility. Now four modern Vestas V150 turbines have replaced the previous seven plant and will generate about 45.5 GWh of green electricity per year. This is sufficient to supply electricity to 13,000 households. The new turbines were installed jointly by W.E.B in collaboration with EVN.
The old plants, which were in operation for a total of 18 years, were dismantled. Recycling and re-use are also the top priority when it comes to wind turbines. The towers were disassembled on site and then removed. This comprised a major technical effort, which required one to two weeks for each turbine. The metal of the towers will be melted down and reused. The nacelle and the blades are on their way to Poland, where they will be reused by other facilities.

The complete dismantling of the turbines and clearing of the construction site will be finished by the end of September, just in time before the official opening in October 2024. Following G├Âls, Sigless is the second repowering project implemented by W.E.B to be connected to the power grid and be up and running in 2024. The repowering project not only shows that W.E.B has already been successfully operating for many years, but also provides the opportunity to more efficiently leverage good wind power sites and produce considerably more clean wind power.