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Sale of the Eberbach hydropower plant

02/2024 - Back to overview

Focus on the core segments of photovoltaics and wind energy in Germany

On the basis of W.E.B’s decision to concentrate on its strategic core segments of wind power and photovoltaics in Germany, the company sold the Eberbach hydropower plant. “W.E.B has its roots in the field of wind energy. Starting in the mid-2000s, a path opened up for the firm to diversify into other forms of power generation. The Eberbach hydropower plant was acquired, amongst other additions, and the first photovoltaic facilities were constructed. Since then, the latter segment has emerged as a second priority. In contrast, the hydroelectric power plant in Germany remained the exception in our power plant portfolio. The sale of the hydropower plant will enable us to focus on our strengths,” says Roman Prager, the designated Member of the Management Board of W.E.B, with responsibility for power plant operations.

The power plant was constructed in 1922 as the “Itter Power Plant” with a dam and is located four kilometres north of Eberbach in Baden Württemberg. In 2006, the historic power plant was acquired by W.E.B and subject to an extensive overhaul in the following years. Fish bypasses were also recently constructed. The annual power generation of the facility covers the electricity needs of 770 households.

W.E.B has been actively operating on the German market since 1997. At present, the company operates 13 wind farms and a portfolio of rooftop photovoltaic facilities in Germany.