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Over 1,000 visitors at the Dürnkrut Wind Festival

06/2023 - Back to overview

W.E.B and Windkraft Simonsfeld have been operating wind power plants around Dürnkrut for more than 10 years. 2023 marked the third joint project of the two companies: five new turbines that will be generating clean electricity for over 20,000 households every year. On June 2, more than 1,000 visitors celebrated a glamourous festival on the grounds of the wind farm.  

“When the two companies approached the town of Dürnkrut with the idea of setting up wind power plants about 20 years ago, I agreed without hesitation. Our excellent cooperation has further deepened over the years. I would love to see even more support instead of obstacles for wind power in the years to come,” said Mayor Herbert Bauch of Dürnkrut in his opening speech.

Karl Wilfing, President of the State Parliament of Lower Austria, emphasized, “This Wind Festival is a celebration for the entire Weinviertel region. We have a lot of wind here and need to make use of this energy source in order to become energy-independent and promote climate protection. The revised Lower Austrian Energy Road Map takes a clear stance for wind power. We will continue in our role as trailblazers towards 100% clean electricity. Wind power provides Lower Austria not only with eco-friendly energy but also with jobs and economic growth.”

Renewable energy as the solution to the energy and climate crises

“In a time when the climate and energy crisis is becoming more and more apparent, it is more important than ever to raise awareness for renewable energy as a key element of the solution,” W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier explains. He calls for a significant increase in wind and solar power plants to strengthen Austria’s energy independence, lower energy prices, and  counteract the climate crisis. Windkraft Simonsfeld CTO Markus Winter adds, “The implementation period of renewable energy projects is still far too long. We need provincial and federal politics to pursue a much bolder approach to remedy this shortcoming.”

Success factor community inclusion and participation

The two community participation companies are about to realize their third joint project in Dürnkrut. Both W.E.B and Windkraft Simonsfeld relied on the early inclusion and information as well as cooperation at eye level with the town and its residents as integral parts of their corporate philosophy.   

Crowd puller Dürnkrut Wind Festival

The region’s great support and enthusiasm for wind power was reflected in the impressive number of visitors at the Dürnkrut Wind Festival. The event was the first of its kind to combine a wind farm opening with a construction site day. More than 1,000 visitors came to celebrate the expansion of the Dürnkrut Wind Farm. Not only residents and local associations but also partners and friends flocked in to enjoy the extensive program and show their support of renewable energy.