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OMV and W.E.B sign their First Wind Power Purchase Agreement

04/2022 - Back to overview

Long-term cooperation / Power plant completion planned for next year:
OMV will use wind power to produce green hydrogen

The significance of the first Wind Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between OMV and the renewable energy company W.E.B is as follows: on the basis of the long-term supply contract, WEB Windenergie AG will build and operate a wind power plant in the Weinviertel region of Austria. OMV will make use of the electricity generated by this facility to manufacture green hydrogen by means of an electrolyzer.

What seems at first glance to be a simple cooperation between two companies is, in fact, new in many ways.

Recently OMV presented its Strategy 2030. One focal point envisions OMV becoming a leading, innovative producer of sustainable fuels and chemical raw materials in Europe. For this reason, OMV will put an electrolyzer with an output of 10 MW in operation in its Schwechat Refinery in the year 2023. Investments for this project will be made jointly by OMV and Kommunalkredit Austria AG. The wind power supplied by W.E.B will cover about 20% of the renewable electricity needed to operate the electrolyzer. The generated wind power fulfils all requirements stipulated in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive II (REDII).

W.E.B will construct the wind power plant for electricity production in the coming year. It is the first W.E.B facility in Austria whose implementation is based on a long-term, corporate supply contract known as a PPA in the industry. The plant located in Velm-Götzendorf in Lower Austria features an installed capacity of 5.6 MW and will rank among the most modern W.E.B facilities in Austria. 13.7 GWh of electricity is expected to be generated annually, corresponding to the electricity needs of close to 4,000 households.

This project is gratifying to us in two ways. For one thing, we are one of the first in Austria to build a wind power plant on the basis of a PPA. Moreover, the electricity will be used by OMV to produce green hydrogen,” says W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier, expressing his enthusiasm for this partnership. “Here economy and ecology go hand in hand; this is how the future looks,” he adds.