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New wind turbines in Gols have been operational since January 18, 2024.

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W.E.B is increasing green energy production through a repowering project. In W.E.B's repowering project in Gols, Burgenland, three facilities have been replaced by modern Vestas V150 wind turbines, raising the total capacity from 6 MW to 11.2 MW.

The repowering measures, including the dismantling of old foundations and the use of new technology, result in a significant increase in annual energy production by approximately 15,200 MWh. The new facilities will supply around 6,900 households and simultaneously enable the saving of 9,900 tons of CO2, equivalent to the emissions of over 4,400 cars. The old facilities have been dismantled, the foundations recycled, and the facilities themselves sold to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, where they continue to operate.

In addition to the ecological improvements, W.E.B also emphasizes economic efficiency. Florian Müller, CEO of W.E.B, emphasizes: "Repowering not only provides the opportunity to replace outdated facilities but also allows us to generate more clean energy on the same area. Through increased efficiency, W.E.B contributes not only to environmental protection but also creates long-term economic benefits for the region."

The Mayor of Gols, Kilian Brandstätter, also expresses positive views on repowering: "We,  the municipal council, set the course towards a sustainable future through repowering with pride. This not only benefits our residents; the municipality of Gols is making a significant contribution to the protection of our climate."

W.E.B is committed not only to efficient energy production but also to the protection and promotion of the natural environment. As part of this project, a fallow area of one hectare has been designated as a compensatory area to promote biodiversity.