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New wind farm to be built in the United States

07/2021 - Back to overview

Second W.E.B project in Maine

Excellent news from the United States: W.E.B gave the starting signal for the construction of a new wind farm in late May. The project with the beautiful name Silver Maple will feature a total of five wind turbines, a total capacity of 20 MW, and will generate clean, regional energy by late 2022.   

The Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) had already awarded the project to W.E.B last September. Once again, W.E.B and its subsidiary SWEB Development USA demonstrated their competitiveness in the global market.

The call for tender accepted a total of 15 projects with an overall capacity of about 500 MW – including 14 photovoltaic power projects; the only successful wind power project was submitted by W.E.B.

Additional value for the region 

As all W.E.B projects, the company realizes Silver Maple with a special focus on the aspect of regionality. The U.S. team of W.E.B selects as many suppliers and partners from the region as possible in order to positively affect the regional creation of value. Moreover, the region benefits from the protection of a piece of land close to the coast. This is how W.E.B combines climate protection and nature conservation.  

Even the residents of the wind farm Pisgah Mountain, opened in 2016, benefit from Silver Maple. In the course of construction work, the existing wind farm will be equipped with on-demand night-time marking, meaning that the warning lights will only go on when a flying object approaches. The cutting-edge technology will then put an end to the constant night-time lighting of wind power plants.