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New W.E.B Traderoom

03/2021 - Back to overview

Trading platform for W.E.B shares is modernized

The W.E.B Traderoom is the platform where users buy and sell thousands of shares every year. W.E.B spent the last few months intensely updating and modernizing the W.E.B Traderoom in order to take share trading into the digital age. March 4, 2021 sounded the bell for the new system launch: the W.E.B Traderoom shines in new splendor with numerous new features to make it more user friendly and process stock trades easier and faster. 

New features at a glance: 

  • Stock trading is fully digital now. Users do not need the post office anymore. 
  • The W.E.B Traderoom has an entirely new look. The new website is much more intuitive. 
  • Users get an overview of their pending shares trades – including the current status. 
  • Users may download the share journal themselves. 
  • The W.E.B Traderoom assistant enables users to digitally select share numbers – it is not necessary to write down the numbers in the contract by hand anymore. 

“As W.E.B is not listed on the stock exchange, we are particularly interested in improving how our shares are traded. Although the previous version of the W.E.B Traderoom did a fine job, today’s users expect different things from such platforms. We have picked up and implemented many suggestions we received. The new W.E.B Traderoom is much easier to use,” as W.E.B CFO Michael Trcka describes the modernization of the Traderoom with great enthusiasm. 

As innovations usually raise new questions, please feel free to contact our team at or by calling +43 2848 6336.