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New photovoltaic plant in Pulkau

08/2021 - Back to overview

on the premises of Holz Neubauer GmbH:
W.E.B is setting up a new photovoltaic power plant

What could make more sense for a business working with renewable raw materials than generating their own renewable energy? On July 26, the time had come for our energy transition partner Holz Neubauer GmbH: start of construction in Pulkau! Everything was prepared for a new photovoltaic power plant. Any uneven soil on the company’s premises had already been flattened to ensure the photovoltaic system could be set up just as smoothly on August 16. In the meantime, the plant has successfully been installed and just needs to be connected to the power grid.

The cooperation is based on a power purchase agreement that enables Holz Neubauer GmbH to realize the long-term and cost-efficient change of its power supply to renewable energy. The details of our joint contribution to the energy transition: 1,233 modules of 370 watt each, resulting in an installed capacity of 456 kWp. Starting in mid-September 2021, the new plant will be able to generate 440 megawatt hours of green power per year.