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New executive board for WEB Windenergie AG

10/2023 - Back to overview

Next generation to take over in anniversary year 2024

Frank Dumeier, long-standing CEO and Executive Board Member of WEB Windenergie AG (W.E.B), makes his mandate available at the end of April 2024 in agreement with the supervisory board. This means that a new generation will take over for the company's anniversary in 2024: With Stefanie Markut, Florian Müller and Roman Prager, three experienced executives of the company ascend to the board, Michael Trcka remains as Chief Financial Officer. The focus of the new team of four will be on rolling out the "Vision 2030+" growth strategy.

WEB Windenergie AG (W.E.B), the Austrian pioneer in renewable energies headquartered in Pfaffenschlag (Lower Austria), is ringing in its 30th corporate year with a new executive board. After 14 years at the helm of the Austria’s based flagship company, the current CEO Frank Dumeier (61) makes his mandate from the board available as of April 30, 2024. In the course of this, the supervisory board is appointing a new generation to the management board: with Stefanie Markut (46), Florian Müller (35) and Roman Prager (47), three experienced managers of the company will move up to the management board next year. Michael Trcka will remain on board as Chief Financial Officer. Josef Schweighofer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of WEB Windenergie AG, comments on the generational change at the management level: "With this rejuvenation of the executive board, we are also introducing a cultural change. After all, in an increasingly complex environment, interdisciplinary, team-based decisions are becoming more and more important. At the same time, we are also focusing on continuity: We have the best candidates in-house, which shows the quality of our team and not least the leadership strength of the previous executive board. Frank Dumeier has been an innovator, driving force and visionary at W.E.B for many years. I am particularly happy that he will continue to be available to us as an advisor."

Fresh wind from within the company

Due to the more complex environment, the increased demand for electricity from renewable energy sources and the strong growth of W.E.B, the reallocation of the board agendas to several people was an obvious choice. As of Jan. 1, 2024, the previous head of W.E.B's legal department, Stefanie Markut, will become Executive Board Member responsible for corporate development, with responsibilities including HR, communications, legal and procurement. The current North America CFO Florian Müller will become Executive Board Member for project development and will thus be responsible for national and international project development. Frank Dumeier will continue as CEO until April 30, 2024, when he will complete his current tasks and hand over his mandate. Thereafter, he will remain with the company as a consultant. As of May 1, 2024, Roman Prager, currently Head of Project Development HQ and Sales and until then still involved in the implementation of ongoing projects, will take over the management board division Operations and thus the responsibility for power plant operations. Michael Trcka will continue to be responsible for finance and will contribute his many years of expertise in finance even more intensively.

Growth strategy with Vision 2030+

Under the leadership of Frank Dumeier, W.E.B has become an international energy transition company in eight countries on two continents. With a total capacity of over 600 MW, W.E.B is now one of the major producers of renewable energy in Austria. However, the company still wants to increase significantly with profitable growth. For this reason, Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka initiated the "Vision 2030+" project in 2022, with which a growth strategy for the company was developed. The three new members of the executive board played a leading role in this. Frank Dumeier would now like to place the rollout of the growth strategy into younger hands and therefore retire from the executive board after the annual general meeting in April 2024. "When it's at its best, you should stop. We shaped W.E.B into Austria's export champion in wind energy and set new standards in citizen participation in renewable energies. With Vision 2030+, we have developed an ambitious growth strategy that will last well beyond my professional career. Naturally, I will be available with advice and expertise as part of the orderly generational transition. In addition, I will run for election to the Supervisory Board of W.E.B in 2025, where I will support the company in a new function," Dumeier announces.

30-year success story continues

As a profitable developer and operator of wind and solar parks, W.E.B has set the starting signal for further growth in a promising but also challenging environment with its Vision 2030+. By 2030, the company aims to significantly expand its market share in renewables in Europe and North America, maintain high profitability, and pursue innovative paths in electricity marketing and storage. Last but not least, W.E.B wants to be perceived as a particularly attractive employer. "Our new strategy is in place. Now it's a matter of putting the ambitious goals into practice. We have the ideal prerequisites for this with the excellent, new four-member board and our motivated employees," Frank Dumeier is convinced.