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Neuhofen an der Ybbs Cooperates with WEB Windenergie AG

02/2024 - Back to overview

Town launches photovoltaic cooperation and sets new standards towards climate neutrality.

Neuhofen an der Ybbs; Mayor Maria Kogler and Deputy Mayor Gernot Höller as well as W.E.B Board member Stefanie Markut signed a pioneering cooperation agreement on the joint operation of a solar power plant that will generate electricity for 1,850 households.

Solar power from the “cradle of Austria”

The cooperation agreement between the municipality and W.E.B entitles the town to acquire part of the PV system planned and built by W.E.B and operate it itself. Spreading across 17 acres, the plant will boast 7.2 MWp at peak performance, supplying around 1,850 households with clean electricity. This is the first cooperation agreement of its kind in Austria. Designed as an agrivoltaic plant, it will allow sheep to graze underneath in order to promote plant biodiversity.

The town of Neuhofen, also known as the “cradle of Austria” due to its mention in the “Ostarrîchi Charter”, takes a step towards climate neutrality with this pioneering partnership. Mayor Maria Kogler expressed her enthusiasm for the project and emphasized the significance of this cooperation: “Neuhofen is proud to lead the way in cooperation with an energy company. Our joint project marks a decisive step towards climate neutrality for our town.” And she further explains: “Solar power is an inexhaustible and free source of energy with a positive emissions balance. We are very glad to work with W.E.B to implement this climate-friendly project.”

A clear focus for the future

W.E.B Board member Stefanie Markut highlights the town’s pioneering role: “W.E.B has been realizing green power projects with community participation for 30 years, and this cooperation agreement is also a first for us. We welcome the initiative of Neuhofen an der Ybbs in taking such an active role in this project and look forward to writing a small piece of energy history together.”

This cooperation between a town and a green energy company adds a new and intriguing twist to sustainable and future-oriented energy supply. Neuhofen an der Ybbs is setting an example for other municipalities that would also like to pursue the path of renewable energies.

The project is currently still waiting for approval, with construction scheduled to begin in 2026.

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Head of Communications