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New wind turbines in Matzen-Klein-Harras

03/2022 - Back to overview

completed in late February:
Wind farm expansion

Looking back on the positive experiences from two completed wind farms in the same district, W.E.B started with the construction on yet another project, Matzen-Klein-Harras II, in late 2020. By the end of February 2022, the new wind farm had already generated clean, regional energy for the first time. Three new wind turbines with a total capacity of 12.6 MW were put into operation, providing clean power to around 23,000 people every year.

The construction teams dug out a piece of history: an abandoned settlement. Needless to say, the find was treated with great archaeological care and resulted in excavations taking place from March to June 2021. Any interesting findings will be presented on the occasion of the official wind farm opening in June 2022.