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Interim report on the third quarter 2020

11/2020 - Back to overview

Positive development of sales revenue in the W.E.B Group 

In comparison to the first two quarters of the year, Q3 2020 was somewhat lacking in wind, which kept W.E.B from reaching its production targets. Thanks to excellent wind conditions in the first half of 2020, the production results on September 30, 2020 remained quite similar compared to the same successful period in the previous year. The W.E.B Group’s generated sales revenue increased by 6 percent to MEUR 77.5, and the earnings before taxes grew by the same margin of approximately 6 percent. 

Taking a look at the individual W.E.B production countries offers an interesting perspective: While Austria’s wind conditions in the first nine months could not keep up with the previous year’s, France, Canada and Italy boast particularly impressive results. In contrast to Austria, these countries benefitted from even more wind than in 2019, not to mention the newly commissioned power plants Piombino (IT), Albert/Wisokolamson (CA) and Tortefontaine (FR) in 2019 and 2020, which offered a considerable bonus to their already good results. 

The installation of the photovoltaic project Pfaffenschlag IV in the third quarter clearly underlines the strategy of W.E.B to focus not only on wind energy but also to expand the company’s photovoltaic portfolio in the future. In mid-September 2020, the photovoltaic system of 486 kWp was put into operation and will generate about 444 MWh of clean electricity per year. Installed in just three days, the PV modules cover an area of 4,436 square meters.