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Interim report on the first quarter 2021

05/2021 - Back to overview

Weak wind conditions result in lower sales 

A high-pressure system above Europe did not allow for the usual wind conditions in the first quarter. In consequence, W.E.B’s production sites in Europe did not reach their target. Only North America was able to keep up with expectations. All in all, however, the plants generated 19 per cent less electricity than planned. That is also reflected in the sales development – the generated sales revenue of W.E.B amounted to MEUR 27.5 in the first three months of the year. In comparison to previous year’s first quarter with exceptionally good wind conditions, W.E.B’s sales revenue decreased by 21 per cent. 

Aside from the production of electricity, the Austrian construction sites of W.E.B came out of hibernation and showed lots of activity. The projects in the Weinviertel region, Spannberg III and Matzen-Klein-Harras II, are scheduled to set up their plants this year. The same is planned for the Waldviertel wind farm Grafenschlag II. Nevertheless, a black stork’s nest was discovered in close proximity to the project site, which is why construction work was stopped as a precautionary measure so as not to disturb the black stork during breeding. In other words, the project is on standby until construction can be resumed.

W.E.B’s overseas projects are just as busy: with the construction of the first W.E.B photovoltaic system in the United States underway, it will already be put into operation this year. Moreover, the plants for the 20 MW Silver Maple wind power project in the United States have already been ordered. 

As a general rule, the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic on the project development of W.E.B are quite different from one project to the next, such as delays in the bidding process or during construction. These consequences will ultimately depend on how long individual countries will maintain the measures and restrictions in relation to Covid-19.