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Interim report on the first quarter 2017

05/2017 - Back to overview

Newly commissioned plants increase sales revenue compared to the previous year

Despite the rather weak wind conditions in early 2017, W.E.B was able to increase both its revenue (TEUR 24,083.9) and EBT (TEUR 7,717.1) by approximately 20 percent in comparison with the first quarter of 2016.     

This positive development is primarily the result of two important achievements: firstly, the commissioning of Les Gourlus, the largest wind farm in W.E.B history, with an overall capacity of 38.4 MW; secondly, the completion of the third construction phase in the Canadian seaside province of Nova Scotia, where a total of 11,698 MW were connected to the grid in late 2016. Moreover, Germany was able to accomplish a growth in revenue of 3 percent due to the W.E.B repowering project Glaubitz RI, and also the first U.S. wind farm in W.E.B history had a positive effect on the sales revenue of the first quarter 2017.             

After the numerous newly commissioned plants of last year, new project developments and starts of construction are already in the pipeline. So in order to ensure the continued success of W.E.B, 2017 is going to literally become a ground-breaking year. The first steps have already been taken: the wind farm Flesquières is currently built in northern France. If everything works out according to plan, six Vestas V126 turbines with a total capacity of 21.6 MW will generate clean and regional electricity at this promising location by mid-2018.


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