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Interim report on the first half of 2020

08/2020 - Back to overview

Increase in sales revenue compared to the previous year

Good wind conditions enabled production results above target in Q2 2020, resulting in quite a similar picture as in the first three months of 2020. The gratifying production results are also reflected in the sales revenue development in the first half-year. Sales revenue of the W.E.B Group climbed 6 percent year-on-year. Comparing this year’s to last year’s reporting period in individual W.E.B countries reveals the effects of newly commissioned power plants, particularly in Canada and Italy with the wind farms Albert and Piombino, respectively.

Despite various Covid-19 restrictions, the French wind farm Tortefontaine with five turbines and a total capacity of 18 MW was successfully put into operation in June. After completion of this wind farm, W.E.B now operates 103 MW in France, corresponding to almost 20 percent of the installed capacity of W.E.B.

The measures aimed at containing the spread of Covid 19 did not affect the results of W.E.B. Nevertheless, lower electricity prices on the free market could negatively affect the annual results of subsequent years. Similarly, it is still impossible to assess the consequences of the Covid-19 measures on the development of new projects.