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Groundbreaking ceremony for solar power in Styrian Rohr

10/2023 - Back to overview

Official construction start for a photovoltaic system

In late September, W.E.B sounded the bell for the official start of construction of their photovoltaic project in Rohr near Hartberg, Styria. The PV system will be installed in winter and set in operation in spring 2024. The new solar power plant will generate electricity for more than 2,000 households.   

“We have the great pleasure of investing EUR 6 million into the further development of Styria’s renewable power production,” comments W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier. “I am very proud of our young team at the W.E.B office in Graz, who were in charge of planning and implementing this remarkable project. Our special thanks also go to the Municipality of Rohr that made it possible to realize this project in the first place.”

“Let’s get this show on the road,” says a delighted Mayor Jürgen Peindl of Rohr near Hartberg. “We all need to do our share to generate clean and regional energy. The Municipality of Rohr certainly played a considerable part by approving this project. After all, the new solar power plant on four plots around the Unterrohr substation will have a capacity of 7.7 MWp.”  

Residents will be able to become familiar with their local solar power plant at a construction site day scheduled for early December.