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Grafenschlag wind farm celebration: over 1,500 visitors

More than 1,500 visitors ignored last Saturday’s occasional drizzle and flocked to the W.E.B wind farm celebration in Grafenschlag.

09/2022 - Back to overview

The special highlight for all ages was the Aerial Silk Show and the wide range of activities for children.
The wind farm celebration had a lot to offer. Many visitors seized the opportunity to have a crane lift them up 100 meters into the air. In their basket they were able to take a closer look at a wind power plant and enjoy spectacular views of the Waldviertel landscape.
The crane was also the venue for the Aerial Silk Show: in this form of aerial acrobatics, the performer used silk ribbons to wrap, spiral up and suspend her body into and out of various positions. 
A wind power plant was open to interested visitors who could gain rare insight into the inner workings of a wind turbine. 

The five winners of a regional sweepstake were treated to an unrivaled experience: they participated in a so-called wind turbine inspection. After the necessary safety instructions, they took the elevator up the tower to the nacelle. W.E.B service engineers explained the functionality of the plant and took those who wanted on the roof of the nacelle to enjoy breathtaking vistas at 140 meters.
The countless younger guests spent their time in the bouncy castle or participated in the children’s program “Wild Wind”. 
Among the first guests to arrive were MP Lukas Brandweiner, MP Silvia Moser, Mayor Franz Heiderer, former Mayor Robert Hafner, Zwettl Councilor Anne Blauensteiner as well as all members of the Grafenschlag community council and mayors in the area. 

W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier was thrilled about the rush of visitors, “This wind farm is very special to everyone at W.E.B. It is the first wind farm in the Waldviertel region in 20 years. All of us and especially the project team that put all its energy into this wind farm appreciate the great support among the people in the region. I am overwhelmed to see so many visitors despite the mediocre weather.” And he added, “Wind energy generates clean and affordable electricity – which is more important to society than ever before.”