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Fresh energy: W.E.B campus presented as lighthouse project Austria 2040

02/2021 - Back to overview

A corporate solution to the energy transition

W.E.B became much more than a simple producer of electricity long ago. The company relies on practical development and is continuously searching for solutions to a successful energy transition in a wide range of fields and applications. On the occasion of the third instalment of the W.E.B talk series “Fresh Energy” on February 18, W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier presented the new W.E.B campus to 150 interested participants and demonstrated how sector coupling provides the HQ of W.E.B with alternatives to use energy as efficiently as possible to create sustainable solutions for our planet.

This time, however, Frank Dumeier had lots of energetic support: the employees of W.E.B had prepared special video clips to reveal how W.E.B consumes as little energy as possible for heating and cooling, how electricity is stored at HQ or how electromobility is integrated into their work. After the presentation, Frank Dumeier was joined by two W.E.B employees, Dietmar Schweighart and Roman Prager, to answer and discuss questions from the audience.