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Fresh energy: New Year’s talk attracted stupendous interest

01/2022 - Back to overview

Board of Directors welcomed participants online:
W.E.B traditionally hosts an event at the beginning of the new year, even in times of a global pandemic

Although the New Year’s talk was organized as a video conference for the second time in a row, it attracted more interest than ever before: the W.E.B Board of Directors, Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka, welcomed more than 240 investors and friends of W.E.B. CEO Frank Dumeier started off by taking a look back at the year 2021: a year with many highlights, such as the realization of the wind power project in Grafenschlag or the start of operation in the PV farms Pulkau as well as Brookfield and Brimfield in the United States.

The wind conditions in Europe were the only real downer last year. Frank Dumeier went to great lengths to explain in detail it this special weather situation came into being above Europe. Moreover, the soaring electricity rates were another key element of Frank Dumeier’s presentation. After analyzing the situation from various perspectives, he came to the conclusion that W.E.B will remain a reliable partner of all green power customers. Before CFO Michael Trcka took the floor, Frank Dumeier presented the projects scheduled to be put into operation in 2022, followed by a short film on the realization of the wind power project Grafenschlag II. 

In addition to the projects implemented in 2021, W.E.B is able to look back on another remarkable highlight: the capital increase in 2021. CFO Michael Trcka started his presentation by looking back on the success story. A total of 3,620 investors invested approximately EUR 25.2 million (USD 28.6 million). These and many other interesting facts were broken down and analyzed in Michael Trcka’s presentation. In a next step, he talked about the plans of W.E.B for the next Annual General Meeting in 2022, ideally with shareholders on site. As they wanted to know what the participants thought about this idea, they invited them to vote online whether or not to organize the Annual General Meeting on site or online. Both options received more or less the same number of votes, although there were more and more voices arguing via chat for a hybrid event. Michael Trcka concluded his presentation with an outlook for 2022, with special emphasis on the issue of e-mobility. 

After the presentations of the W.E.B Board of Directors, Beate Zöchmeister, Head of Communications & Investor Relations, sounded the bell for the next part of the evening. She moderated the debate to integrate the many questions arriving for W.E.B through the chat. As always, Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka did their best to discuss the various concerns of participants, which turned out to be quite an interesting debate. The New Year’s talk ended at just after eight in the evening. Frank Dumeier, Michael Trcka and Beate Zöchmeister said their goodbyes and wished all the participants a wonderful new year 2022. Rest assured that it will be an eventful year with W.E.B once more!