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Fresh Energy: Energy supply of the future

02/2021 - Back to overview

talk series “Fresh Energy” attracted numerous participants:
How do we increase our planet’s climate fitness?

W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier approached the question in the second installment of the W.E.B talk series “Fresh Energy”. 

Frank Dumeier first focused on Austria’s planned climate neutrality by 2040 and explained the most important steps on the way to reach this ambitious yet sorely needed objective. The key concept in the transition to 100 percent renewable energy is sector coupling – referring to the interconnection between the sectors electricity, heating and cooling, transport and industry.

In order to better understand how this might be possible, Frank Dumeier presented solutions for each individual sector and made clear that climate protection does not necessarily equal loss of comfort. Quite the opposite is true: sector coupling will lead to the development of intelligent systems that will turn our everyday lives more energy efficient without any great effort. 

That is not just a theoretical idea but a practical concept W.E.B is eager to demonstrate in more and more examples; the corporate headquarters of W.E.B already reveal what climate neutrality could look like in 2040. W.E.B does the same beyond its premises and works with countless partners to create a climate-neutral future. Frank Dumeier presented projects already implemented by W.E.B, ranging from a family home to a large parking garage. 

After some time for discussions, Frank Dumeier informed the audience of the next date in the W.E.B talk series “Fresh Energy”, a follow-up in a certain way: on February 18, 2021, W.E.B will present the company’s new campus, their “Lighthouse 2040”, and take a closer look at the individual sectors at the corporate headquarters of W.E.B in Pfaffenschlag. Find out more at