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For coal exit: Canadian prime minister announces millions in funding for the Canadian W.E.B subsidiary

Indigenous people as half owners of two wind farms that are as strong as a Danube power plant

07/2022 - Back to overview

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (right) makes a funding announcement for wind farms and battery storage systems in Nova Scotia. At the left: Sarah Rosenblat, project manager of the W.E.B subsidiary SWEB Development, Kody Blois, member of the Canadian parliament.

Green power know-how as an Austrian export success: the Canadian government promotes the construction of two wind farms in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia by the Lower Austrian green power producer WEB Windenergie AG. Together the two wind farms will generate about as much electricity as the Danube power plant Vienna Freudenau.

Against the backdrop of the W.E.B Hardwood Lands wind farm, this excellent funding news was announced by none other than Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself.

The positive effect on the environment could not be any clearer: the local energy supplier Nova Scotia Power plans to take an old coal-fired power plant off the grid soon after the new wind turbines are in operation.    


Canadian First Nations as project partners
From an Austrian point of view, W.E.B found rather exceptional partners for the two planned wind farms: the “Glooscap First Nation”, a community of indigenous people, holds about half the shares in the renewable energy projects.   
Nevertheless, the announcement of funding does not mean that the wind turbines will actually be built. The W.E.B subsidiary SWEB Development still needs to win a tender, the outcome of which is scheduled to be announced in August.