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Excellent Company 2014

05/2014 - Back to overview

For the first time in company history, W.E.B was evaluated by an independent team of assessors for the Austrian Excellence Award. The results were excellent and W.E.B is pleased to have achieved a high number of points off the cuff. On 11 June 2014, the company will receive the internationally celebrated award “Recognised for Excellence 4*” from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Moreover, W.E.B has been added to the list “Excellent Austrian Companies 2014”.

The official qualityaustria feedback report explicitly pointed out the following strengths of W.E.B: WEB Windenergie AG stands out due to its high competence in project planning, in operating wind power plants and other forms of renewable energy. The company’s actions are based on detailed process maps and apply a systematic, multi-level process of project and innovation management. 

The TEMP Model of WEB Windenergie AG is both a sophisticated and integrated approach to achieve strategic objectives and to assess corporate development. This strategy is based on predefined central issues and concrete key figures, which are assessed in annual strategy meetings and then broken down into specific team goals during annual employee interviews.  
The distinct culture of appreciation and open communication enables a high level of employee identification with WEB Windenergie AG. The company’s efficient decision-making process is based on its holistic view, uncomplicated communication channels, social environment and personal work atmosphere, all of which its employees indicated as central strengths of W.E.B.      

Mathias Dangl, responsible for the evaluation process and quality assessment, is very pleased, “The great results of our first quality assessment in company history demonstrate that our work in the areas of strategy and process management in the last few years have been worth the effort. Today W.E.B is significantly more professional, stable and advanced than just a few years ago!”