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European Solar Prize for ELLA

10/2015 - Back to overview

Prestigious award for W.E.B subsidiary, nationwide charging stations by mid-2016.  

It was the second time that a company founded by Andreas Dangl could reap the prestigious European Solar Prize. While he was awarded for his first wind power plant in Michelbach 20 years ago, ELLA AG was honored in the category ‚ÄúTransport systems with Renewable Energies‚ÄĚ this time.

Once again, the award will give ELLA AG direction to a better future, just as we have seen with WEB Windenergie AG. The award ceremony took place at HTL Karlstein and attracted prominent politicians from all regions as well as countless business and technology representatives.

In his acceptance speech, Andreas Dangl presented ELLA AG and made a pledge that people would be able to reach every point in Austria by mid-2016 just by using fast charging stations. ‚ÄúThen range will stop being an excuse for not switching to electric vehicles,‚ÄĚ to quote Andreas Dangl.