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Effective date of dividend

03/2024 - Back to overview

April 19, 2024 has been designated as the effective date of dividend
The next effective date of dividend has been set for April 19, 2024, provided the W.E.B shareholders accept the dividend proposal at the 25th Annual General Meeting on April 26, 2024.
For any sales taking place before or, at the latest, at the effective date* of dividend, the buyer will receive the dividend of the past fiscal year as the new owner.

If the contracting parties initiated the transaction via the Traderoom after the effective date of dividend but before dividend payment day and agree on a different arrangement with regard to the dividend, we ask the contracting parties to first put such an arrangement on record either as part of the purchase contract or in similar form signed by both contracting parties, and then to send the original document to W.E.B by mail.


* for purchase contracts initiated via the Traderoom, the "click" date is the trade date or, for contracts initiated outside the Traderoom, the date on which the last contracting party signed the contract