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Record results for WEB in 2014

05/2015 - Back to overview

In 2014 the wind industry struggled due to the weather. WEB’s annual financial statement has now been produced, whilst bucking the industry trend of wind power, was able to achieve the best result in its history.

54 million EUR sales represents a good 12% increase over the previous year, the earnings per share increased from 21.7 EUR (2013) to 25 EUR. Due to the good results, a dividend per share of 15 EUR is proposed at this year's Annual General Meeting.  

"Our growth strategy has paid off," said CFO Michael Trcka pleased. "Especially our recent investments, thanks to their greater capacity, and our perfect management, both has made a significant contribution to our earnings. Therefore our production succeeded by over 10% and our turnover increased by over 12% despite a relatively low wind year. The fact that this has even become a record is a welcome confirmation of our strategy "What really makes the new turbines perform can now be seen in the current year, in which the wind situation so far is very good.  After only four months, WEB’s production is already up by 11.4%, more than their targeted figures.

Therefore COO Frank Dumeier sees no reason to depart from this growth. "We have new turbines of nearly 100 megawatts production capacity on order and want to have them in the ground by the end of 2016." Expanding in particular in WEB’s core markets of Austria, Germany, France and Canada. WEB must not wait for better times in Austria, due to the currently maxed out subsidy funds, it’s continuously expanding its international portfolio.

Another success factor of WEB Windenergie AG is – the professional management of its existing turbines far beyond the industry benchmark, - the vision to have a leading role in the energy revolution. "Our view is sharply focused on the future energy in order to identify new opportunities early for WEB," founder and CEO Andreas Dangl is convinced. After electric mobility, the power storage issue is the next major challenge for the electricity industry.

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