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The Mission of W.E.B

As a wind energy pioneer and international, profitable developer and operator of wind and solar farms, we are deeply rooted regionally. We are a reliable partner for the supply of green energy and enjoy the support of our broad shareholder community!

We stand for...

...the energy transition and innovation

Wherever possible, energy should be generated and stored where it is to be used. We work constantly to develop innovative concepts to promote this.

...stability and growth

It’s not just environmental considerations that make renewable energy sources the best option. The economic benefits are also undeniable. The market is growing and we intend to grow with it and use our experience to make improvements and consolidate our achievements.

Our activities are...

...local and international

Our employees and business partners give us a strong foundation in the local region. We are working together to create an international network of experts who are able to react flexibly to changing requirements.

...environmentally and economically sustainable

We believe that people’s electricity requirements can be fully met by energy from renewable sources – and that this is more economically viable than fossil fuels or nuclear power.