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SWEB Development USA LLC

SWEB Development USA comprises a team of renewable energy professionals who share a passion for the common good, the environment and shared values. This subsidiary is based in Natick, Massachusetts. SWEB USA in Maine currently operates two wind farms and two PV parks with a total capacity of more than 36 MW. Further projects are already in the planning stage.


Suite Number 306, Natick Office Park,
209 West Central Street, Natick, MA 01760 
Local: (902) 431-0564, Toll Free: 1 (844) 468 3134,      

Country Management

The responsibilities of the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) include oversight of all project activities, management of overall operations, and setting of the company’s strategic goals and direction for USA.

Phone: +1 774 526-0155

The responsibilities of the company’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) include legal assistance for the purchasing, development, planning, approvals and operation of wind power projects in the USA and Canada. The qualified commercial lawyer and economist joined the company in 2014, and was country manager of W.E.B’s Weener wind farm in Germany for one year.

His motto: There are two things you shouldn’t worry about: things you can’t change, and things you can. Shortfalls in the energy transition are of the second variety.


Telefon: +1 902-431-0564 ext. 258
Mobil: +1 902-292-0595