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Fields of Activity

From assistance to technology

The W.E.B team is constantly confronted with a wide range of challenges in its everyday professional life. Here the main business fields are illustrated across all departments.   

Project development and implementation

Any W.E.B project planning process starts with the strategic search for locations. This phase includes, for example, conducting feasibility studies, concluding agreements, ensuring grid connection, and securing financing. When W.E.B constructs new wind parks, it also performs all the required tasks ranging from building control and inspection to organizing the opening ceremony.    

Technology and service

The field of technology and service is comprised of three main tasks: the remote control system for all power plants from W.E.B headquarters at Pfaffenschlag, maintenance and repair by the technology and service team, and the development of new repair processes. The W.E.B team performs all these activities itself.      




Electricity distribution

Electricity distribution concludes acceptance contracts, ensures subsidized rates, and sells W.E.B Green Energy that is no longer receiving subsidized rates. These tasks include the general trading of energy on power markets just as much as direct sales of W.E.B-Grünstrom to end consumers.   

Citizen participation systems

The field of citizen participation systems includes the support and administration of shareholders, the issuing of bonds in case financing is needed, and the development of new citizen participation models.     

Energy transition

Energy transition focuses on the development and implementation of new and innovative concepts for contributing to a renewable and decentralized energy system.  

Communication and awareness-raising

The communications field is concerned with the transparent communication of all corporate affairs, the presentation and promotion of new fields of activity, the company’s public appearance, and information as well as awareness-raising on the issue of wind power and, of course, all other topics related to the energy transition.   

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