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W.E.B-Production data                

You can check on the current production data of W.E.B.

Production from:  

2020-01-21 21:00

Production kWh month:73,378,026 kWh
Production kWh year:73,378,026 kWh
CO2 savings per month:49,016,521 kg
CO2 savings per year:49,016,521 kg

Calculations based on CO2 savings of 669 gram per produced kilowatt hour
of green electricity.  
*Production data of all W.E.B-power plants which data are acquired online.
 participations are not included.

  • Production 2019
    Production November                  
    128,595 MWh

    Percentage of the forecast         

    90,12 %

  • W.E.B total
    Installed capacity504,139 kW
    hydro power plants1,954 kW
    PV installations18,082 kW
    wind power plants484,103 kW
  • Austria
    Installed capacity229,567 kW
    hydro power plants854 kW
    PV installations4,601 kW
    wind power plants224,111 kW
  • Germany
    Installed capacity99,722 kW
    hydro power plants1,100 kW
    PV installations187 kW
    wind power plants98,435 kW
  • Czech Republic
    Installed capacity9,080 kW
    PV installations1,030 kW
    wind power plants8,050 kW
  • France
    Installed capacity84,799 kW
    wind power plants84,799 kW
  • Italy
    Installed capacity32,064 kW
    PV installations12,264 kW
    wind power plants19,800 kW
  • Canada
    Installed capacity39,831 kW
    wind power plants39,831 kW

    share of 55 percent of sweb power plants in Nova Scotia

  • USA
    Installed capacity9,075 kW
    wind power plants9,075 kW

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